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  • Is Astro Einstein the only healer?
    We're thrilled to announce that our team of skilled healers, personally trained by Astro Einstein, is now ready to serve you! With so many of you interested in exploring your soul's purpose, we've expanded our offerings to provide more support and guidance. Our team is dedicated to providing the same level of personalized care and expertise that you've come to expect from Astro Einstein.
  • I am pregnant, can I still book a session?
    Pregnant women need not worry as the session has no negative impact on their pregnancy.
  • We work with clients aged 12 and over
    Are there any age restrictions?
  • Will my session be filmed?
    Astro Einstein films each session and you may elect to share your experience with the world.
  • What services do you offer?
    Quantum Healing Past Life Regressions Astrology - Numerology Henna Riki Sound Therapy Herbal Healing. Education
  • What is a past life regression?
    Past life regression is a type of therapy that aims to explore one's past lives or reincarnations, to gain insights and healing for current life challenges. It typically involves guided relaxation techniques to access past life memories, with a trained therapist or practitioner. Some people believe that past life regression can help them to understand and resolve issues related to their present life, such as fears, phobias, relationship patterns, or physical symptoms
  • What is the difference between quantum healing and a past life regression?
    A past life regression is where you put yourself under hypnosis so that you can remember one or more of your past lives. It relies on a patient entering the Somnambulistic stage, which is normally experienced prior to waking up from sleep or shortly before entering sleep. Past lives can be recalled and was proven with my patience using hypnosis. This reportedly allows the practitioner to explore the past life or lives of the person which they wouldn’t be able to recollect in a fully conscious state. Quantum, like past life regression healing, revolves around the use of hypnosis among patients so they can enter their past life’s regression, yet heal a specific "illness" of the soul. Sometimes, the healing of the current physical body is a result of quantum healing.
  • How can I prepare for my session?
    Quantum healings and past life regression sessions are really intense meditative sessions. If you are unable to calm your mind enough to push past all the clutter, then first there is work to do. Incorporate more activities into your life that force you into a meditative state, or isolate sections of your daily routine into mini-meditation sessions. The goal is to empty your brain of thinking and to be totally present at the moment. There are many resources online (and in books) that can help you achieve a state of calm. Before your session, you may want to ask specific questions you want to be answered during your session and may present that list to review together. A brief natal chart reading is included as part of the past life regression session as it helps me tap into your energy to guide you. Hemi-Sync ​ Meditation/Relaxation
  • How do I book a session?
    Booking made easy! Just click the link here.
  • How do I register for Astrology or Quantum Healing Classes?
    2023 Classes and Retreats will be announced soon! Spots fill up quickly- Subscribe to our email list here to be notified first on all things Astro Einstein!
  • When is the next tour?
    The 2023 Tour Dates are coming soon. Tour dates are selected based on client demand! The top 25 cities that have at least 6 ready-to-book patrons are added to the list. Subscribe to our email list here to be notified first on all things Astro Einstein!
  • My city is booked now what?
    If you'd like to add yourself to our waitlist, we encourage you to do so by clicking the link below. We'll notify you as soon as any additional spots become available. Thank you for your understanding and interest in our services.
  • What is the refund policy for Astro Einstein Retreats?
    Please note that our retreats operate on a strict no-refund policy. If you're unable to attend for any reason, your payment will be considered a donation to support our mission and the work we do. Once registration is complete and your package is purchased, retreat locations cannot be switched or traded. We understand that unexpected circumstances may arise, and we encourage you to reach out to us if you have any concerns or questions. We're committed to ensuring that you have a transformative and fulfilling experience at our retreats, and we appreciate your understanding of our policies.
  • How much are services performed by Astro Einstein?
    A 50% Deposit is Required for all bookings. The past life regression session is $600 Quantum healing is $700 Speaking with your deceased loved ones is $740
  • How much are services performed by an Astro Einstein Academy Certified Healer?
    A 50% Deposit is Required for all bookings. The past life regression session is $300. Quantum healing is $350 Speaking with your deceased loved ones is $380 The birth chart readings are $200. Includes 1 Hour Consultation 48-page natal report A synastry report (compatibility report with you and your mate) A year forecast
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